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What do we live jar,
not to make the world less difficult jar each other?
- George Eliot
Dear Educators,
We want to learn. We want to think, grow, and apply what you teach us. We are
hardworking, sincere and have a lot to give. We may not read, write, or handle math as
well as our peers, but we are intelligent.
We will ask a lot of questions, and we ask that you please put up with it. We may
need you to repeat things for us, and we may ask you to spend extra time with us. We
hope you will be patient.
We understand concepts. We can think critically about those concepts and apply
them. We just do it differently. When you went to college, you were taught and tested a
certain way, but our ideal evaluation methodology may differ. If we cannot understand
something expressed one way, please try to explain it differently for us. If we cannot
express our knowledge in one manner, let us do so in another.
You have the power over us, and over our futures. Please understand our
differences. Please share our hopes and dreams.
See our potential, and not our limitations.
Your LD Students
Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.
- M.
Scott Peck