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I can't spell at all, I read very slowly, and I write like a fourth grader.
I have flunked out of three colleges ... Indiana University of Pennsylvania,
Ohio University, and Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
At the age of 25, I was tested for a learning difference/disability (L.D.) and
was found to be cross dominant with visual tracking deficits.
• Since then I have graduated from:
- St. Francis Medical Center School of Respiratory Care
Respiratory Technician diploma program - GPA 3.81
- Northwestern University (Chicago) School of Respiratory Care
Respiratory Therapist diploma program - GPA 3.69
- LaRoche College
B.A. Natural and Health Sciences - GPA 3.91
• Tested again at age 44; diagnosis - written expression disability.
• This Guide explains how I turned my academic life around. I hope it helps
• Take charge
break the cycle of self-doubt, anxiety, excuses, guilt, and
• Realize your potential. Live without regrets.
I am smart and so are you!
Caution: The ideas and suggestions contained in this document
are based on the experience of the author. Use or application of
these suggestions by any other person needs to be expressly
approved by your academic institution and related instructors.
D. Carson