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"You have to do it by yourself,
and you can 't do it alone. "
- Martin Rutte
Don't fight the battle alone.
Don't suffer in quiet isolation.
Don't shut others out.
Don't tum inward.
Don't hide.
Don't live in denial.
Don't feel small.
Don't be afraid.
• Free yourself and say, "I have an L.D."
• Let others know of your L.D. so they can help you.
Open up to your parents. Being mature means being honest, open and
responsible. Never lie to yourself or your parents. Don't mask the real reasons for
your actions with false excuses. Realize that helpful solutions can only be found
through honest conversation. Understand that your parents care. They only want
what is best for you. Open up and discuss any problems and concerns you have
with them. They desperately want to help you. Appreciate your parents and
confide in them.
Open up to the support center. First, identify yourself as a L.D. student.
Then, stop by the support center at least once a week just to say "Hi." Let them
know of any troublesome issues. Be your own advocate, but seek ideas through