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Game over. I was caught.
My brain raced ..
didn't know what to do.
I did know that I needed the class to laugh WITH me instead of AT me. I
quickly dodged her and started making my way toward the classroom door. She
asked, "David, where are you going?" I replied, "To the principal's office!" The
room filled with laughter and I was happy. So long as the class was laughing
WITH me, I did not care what the principal did to me.
They say laughter is the best medicine, but I'm here to tell you: If you're not
careful, humor can be very hazardous to your health.
I was trying to protect myself from embarrassment. I was trying to protect my
self-esteem. But, you see, I was using that humor to dodge a very big issue (and it
was not Sister Ralph).
Looking back at my grade school and middle school years, I can see that I
went through 4 phases of protections or "dodging:"
• Passive Avoidance
• The Clown
• Acting outlBeing the Bully
• The "I don't care" Phase.
Be careful what you pretend to be, because you ARE what you pretend to be.
- Kurt Vonnegut
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