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We are always trying to avoid comingface to face with ourselves.
Her name was Ralph. That's right ...Ralph. Actually her name was Sister
Ralph Marie. But we just called her, "Ralph."
Our assignment from Ralph that night was to go home, look through that
night's paper, cut out one article, and bring it in the next day to read to the
class ... out loud. My "article" went like this:
"Matty Alou, Center Field - Gene Alley, Short Stop - Roberto
Clemente, Right Field - Willie Stargell, Left Field - Donn
Clendenon, 1
base - Bob Bailey, 3
Base - Bill Mazeroski,
Base - Jim Paglliaroni, Catcher - Bob Veale, Pitcher."
Now, you may not recognize the names, but can you guess what I did? That's
right; I cut out the previous night's Box Score from the Pittsburgh Pirates (it was
1966 back then). I taped it to a piece of paper and was trying, unsuccessfully, to
read it like it was a story. After only a few short minutes Sister Ralph interrupted
me, asking, "David, may I see your article?"
Before she even had a chance to move from her spot, I spit out, "I am done,
Sister. Thank you." I then began walking very quickly back to my seat (which was
always located in the back comer). As it turned out, Ralph was faster than I
thought and she successfully cut off my escape route to my safety zone in the
comer. She demanded, "I want to see what you have there."